About the Company

Business-group, comprising the parent company "Baramist Int. Limited" (United Kingdom) and the established by it affiliated company «Baramist s.r.o.» (Slovakia), has been conducting its trading operations for over 25 years.

The main activity is trading stock metals on the markets of the Eastern Europe. The largest volume of transactions is conducted through the representative office of the parent company in Ukraine.

In the course years of work only to Ukraine more than 300 000 t of zinc and about 15 000 t of metals such as nickel, copper, tin and mangan have been delivered, including 1 000 t of ferroalloys (ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium, ferrosilicium and other).

In addition to the main business, connected with the supply of stock metals, our business-group has successfully supplied potassium chloride and other fertilizers to Ukraine, to the countries of South-East Asia, India, China, South America. We have also established a supplies to the Ukrainian market of wholesale parties of oil products and sulfur.

A large part of the business is connected with import to the EU of products of Ukrainian manufacturers – partners of the group of our companies.

In 2017 our group of companies has concluded an agreement in crediting and investment with one of the major Slovak banks – TATRA BANKA, which belongs to the Austrian group Raiffeisen Bank International AG, specialized in bank services and investment activities on the Central and Eastern European markets. TATRA BANKA is the main bank, which provides the set of banking services for the group of our companies.


Currently "Baramist Int. Limited" and «Baramist s.r.o.» is one of the largest and most stable suppliers of non-ferrous metals, ferro-alloys and raw materials for the chemical industry to Ukraine, Eastern Europe and other regions, which uses both direct supplies and the broad dealer network.

Our business group is a well known in the markets of Europe and Asia team of specialists with high potential and extensive experience, whose main business principles are: professionalism, honesty, reliability and respect for the interests of the partners, primarily, manufacturers of industrial products.


We are always open for partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation .


Information concerning the forecast for the stock metalls market considering the results of the events during "LME week 2017":

2018 is expected to preserve the stock metalls deficit on te global market



This is caused by:

- decrease of export from China


- increase of import to China


- planned shut down of the chain of industries and other market factors


In connection with the above, the forecasted level pf prices for stock metalls on LME in 2018 is expected to be higher than in 2017.


Balance of supply and demand on the global market is expected to be achieved ony in 2019-2020.




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